The origin of the name Niu Jiao Jian is because we believe the quality of beef in Texas is the best and most popular. In Chinese, the horns can also represent the ones who are particularly striving for the ultimate. This is the spirit we pursue, in the ingredients, the production process, and the service provider’s all-round horns. The corporate culture of the horns is to bring the best to our diners, and to sharpen the horns in all areas of the restaurant. Hot pot is a very diversified cooking method, not only the most famous spicy hot pot. The bottom of the pot of various flavors is matched with fresh ingredients to achieve a full range of flavors. It is not only the priority of family and friends gathering, but also the best way to connect with new friends. Everyone can add different sauces and ingredients to the pot according to their own preferences, which can suit everyone’s unique preferences, and also symbolize the Chinese people’s style of unity. Niu Jiao Jian has spent a lot of time on brand building. We are always actively introducing seasonal products to suit to the seasons and accommodate people’s tastes, with the higher requirements of the new generation for diversified foods, we want to make sure our dishes and Hot Pot will get you the most satisfaction.

Not only do Niu Jiao Jian often introduce a variety of new flavors, but we also use the nourishing soup base as reward for our diners. The effect of the nutritious soup base is suitable for all consumers. On a cold winter day, it’s very enjoyable dining experience hanging out with family and friends with Hot Pot everyone can do their own liking.

“涮” is actually a very elaborate process. You put your what you want at the moment to the pot and move it along or quietly waiting for it to cook to its temperature or for some certain special item, you bring it up 7 times and put it in the pot 8 times, this method can be used in dishes such as goose intestines and duck blood. Beef can be enjoyed immediately when it is changed color, or it can be determined according to the individual’s likings for beef maturity.

More elaborate hot pot eating rules are different soup base with different sauces, and all the waiters at Niu Jiao Jian can help you adjust the seasonings that suit your appetite. Seasonings are also based on the tastes of different cultures in the North or in the South.

With the most sincere invitation, Niu Jiao Jian Hot Pot hopes that the food lovers will come and share the happiness at our restaurant.

牛角尖这个名字的由来是因为我们认为德州的牛肉质量很好, 非常代表性。在中文里钻牛角尖是指那些特别追求极致的人,这也就是我们追求的精神,在食材,产品制作工艺, 以及服务商全方位的上钻牛角尖。

牛角尖的企业文化就是把最好的带给我们的食客, 在餐饮届的各个领域上钻牛角尖儿。

火锅这种烹饪方式特别多元化,不仅是最具盛名的麻辣底火锅。 各种口味的锅底配合新鲜的食材,做到色香味俱全, 不但是亲朋好友聚会的优先考虑餐食,也是跟新朋友联络感情的最好方式。

每个人可以根据自己的喜好把不同的酱料和食材加入锅中,即可以适合每个人独特的喜好, 也象征了中国人做事团结的风格。

牛角尖在品牌建立上花了很多功夫,我们总是在积极的随着季节的变化, 和人们口味的需要会推出应季的产品, 让新一代对多样化的美食要求越来越高的情况下得到最大的满足。

牛角尖不但时常推出各种新式口味, 我们也在用料上以滋补汤底作为牛角尖对大家的回馈。 汤底大补的功效适合所有消费者。 寒冷的冬日跟亲朋好久围坐在牛角尖的涮锅子旁边, 享受天伦之乐。

“涮“锅子其实是很讲究的一道工艺。 大家非常熟悉的七上八下就可以用在诸如鹅肠, 鸭血比较柔嫩的菜式上。 牛肉见色变而马上享用, 也是要根据个人对牛肉生熟度的要求而决定。

更讲究的火锅吃法则是不同锅底配不同的酱料, 牛角尖的全体服务员可以帮你调适合你胃口的调味料。 调味料也是根据南北地区不同文化差异的食客口味来定夺。